The mission of The Davis Dirt is to promote local arts, culture and community engagement.

To be included in the monthly print edition, events must be entered via our website by the 22nd of the month preceding the event (eg. April 22nd for a May event). Event will be reviewed by editors of The Dirt and, if approved for publication, will be posted in our online calendar within 3 days of entry. The Dirt reserves the right to edit and reject inappropriate event listings from the calendar.

 Event Criteria:

  • The event occurs in Davis, CA
  • The event is open to the public and has a broad community appeal.
  • The event fits within the scope of The Dirt (Music, Arts, Food, Fun).
  • Events whose primary purpose is to promote/sell products or advertise services of individual businesses are NOT included in a the Dirt (i.e. Happy hours, restaurant specials, etc…).
  • Free classes are welcome, for-fee classes will not be published.
  • Second Friday Art About events are NOT included here. These events have their own map and weblinks in the printed publication of The Dirt.

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  • list general and advanced prices first, then discounted and door prices

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